Building a Cleaner, Greener & Better Tomorrow for Our Families

Fullmer Brothers Construction’s main office is located in Aiea on O’ahu, but we provide services to all of O’ahu, Kaua’i & Maui

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FBC’s Mission Statement:

Through our ‘Five Values’ we will provide our clients innovative solutions, sound business practices and quality workmanship which supports long term profitable growth; in doing so we will meet or exceed expectations.


FBC Five Values:

The ‘Five Values’ are the foundation of FBC. These ‘Five Values’ define who we are, how we will work, how we will do business and most importantly how we will live our lives.

1. Initiative: We will do what is right. We will be accountable to those we serve and to ourselves. We will actively seek to learn from others.

2. Ingenuity: We will constantly search for a better way; embracing a spirit of inventiveness, creativeness and free enterprise.

3. Clarity: We strive to make process easier, simpler, more efficient, less costly and more reliable.

4. Performance: We do what we say. We follow through on our commitments. We utilize teamwork, discipline and integrity to respond to our client’s needs. If we cannot meet a commitment; we will promptly inform our clients so there is a free flow of information and resolution.

5. Heart: We embrace a spirt of caring and mutual respect for our clients, our employees, our communities, our families and our environment.