Residential Roofing


 Professional Roof Inspection

Choosing Your New Roof

New Roof Installation and Clean Up

Final Inspection and Warranty

Roofing Inspections

Side1Our trained Project Manager will come to your home & inspect your roof for the following, doing this will ensure a proper repair or replacement roof estimate:

  • Condition of Roof
  • Layers of Roof
  • Potential Hazards
  • Proper Flashing
  • Any Penetrations
  • Tie-in Areasv
  • Basic Measurements
  • Eagle View- How many facets/slopes?
  • Interior- Attic, Vaulted Ceiling, What time of decking?

Choosing Your New Roof

Side2Your Project Manager will guide you through the proper product selection for your style of home. We will make sure there is proper ventilation, the roof is up to code standards, and we also offer solar reflective materials & energy efficient roofing materials.

Roof Installation & Clean Up

Side3Standard home takes about 1-3 days from start to finish. Our trained roofers will come out to your home in the morning & start off with a full tear off of the old roof, down to the decking/sheeting of the roof. From then, they will repair and replace roof as needed & install your new roof.

Clean up takes about 2-3 hours when the roof is complete. Our roofers will use magnets, rakes & anything else to make sure all nails & materials are picked up. Roofers will clean your yard, driveway, neighbor’s yard & any other surrounding areas to ensure everything is picked up.

Final Inspection & Warranty

Side4Our Roof Superintendent will come out to your home for the Final Inspection of the roof. He will create a Punch List if there is anything else that needs to be done & ensure it is done in a timely manner. Our client’s happiness with the job is our number 1 priority. Once the Final Inspection is complete, you will receive the Workmanship Warranty & Manufacturer’s Warranty.